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for anyone who wants to live more intentionally and purposefully 


Have you ever designed something that you’re proud of, that brings you great joy, and has a meaningful impact in the world? Of course you have. You’ve designed your life! 

But perhaps the design you’ve created for yourself isn’t working out so well for you right now. You might be:

  • in a transition and not sure how to move forward

  • trying to determine what is most important and essential to you

  • stuck - in a place you don’t want to live, a job that’s not right for you, or in relationships that don’t empower you to be your full self


Lucky you! I’m a DYL Certified Coach. Designing Your Life is a methodology created by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans of the Stanford and featured in their #1 New York Times bestselling book.

life design: applying design thinking principles (traditionally applied to new products or services) to your life in a way that allows you to be creative, see new possibilities, and prototype multiple paths before making a choice 


DYL offers us a framework for designing that life of yours with meaning, intention, and fun. The process will give you:


several possible paths for your life (called “prototypes” or “Odyssey Plans”) that you can test out right away

a chance to reflect on past failures that were not actually failures but something else entirely

clarity on times when your life flows and when it doesn't - and then help figuring out the difference between them

the ability to distinguish between what you can change and what's as unchangeable as gravity

deeper insight into the kinds of impact one can make in a life so you can decide on your kind of impact

The foundation of our coaching work together will remain steady to help you see yourself more clearly, identify and live from your values, get past barriers that are holding you back, and more. Coaching with me means you get the whole enchilada. Email me today to learn more about this life-changing methodology and how it can help you. 


Most life design work is directed at tuning up and improving the life you're in, without having to make huge structural changes like changing jobs or moving or going to grad school.

                                             - from The Designing Your Life Workbook

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