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Updates + Gratitude from Liz 
(November 2017 edition)

Dear friends and colleagues,


For me, November represents a changing landscape (at least here in Denver, with the leaves falling) and renewal - the month when I turn a year older and take stock of where I am in life. The perfect time to send to my wonderful community some updates about my work and how grateful I am for it every day. And also a good time to ask you for support in how I’ll shape my work the coming year!


Here’s what’s up with me:

  • I’m on track to earn my coaching certification next spring, the result of having completed a rigorous coaching training program with the Coaches Training Institute. I’m about two-thirds of the way through the program and have found it to be just what I needed - a professional challenge that has accelerated my coaching skills and brought me new confidence in this career path. Plus I get to work with and learn from some amazing fellow coaches!

  • I’m thankful to the many people who have recommended me as a coach and to my soulful, brave, brilliant clients who have trusted me to play a part in their own journeys as social entrepreneurs, agents of social change, philanthropists, and humans. When I have the privilege to tackle topics such as leaning into your work with purpose, transforming a perspective that has held you back, uncovering and living your values more often, or listening more to your inner wisdom, it’s a day well-spent.

  • I’m continuing my journey to live more simply. Here at home, we’re focused on reducing our family’s footprint at the same time that we’re fostering the traditions and little luxuries we love so much. In 2018, I’ll be participating in “A Simple Year” designed by one of my favorite minimalism advocates, Courtney Carver. I hope to integrate more of these concepts into my coaching work and would love to explore this topic with anyone, anytime!

  • I’ve been consulting on a pro bono basis with New Sector Alliance, alongside founder Carly Janson and a stellar team of other mission-driven folks around the country. My current work is focused on professional development programming to support people of all walks of life in bringing more meaning and purpose to their life. We’re targeting a fall 2018 program launch.

  • More and more, I am feeling the pull to work alongside advocates who call attention to injustices, tackle tough policy issues and work tirelessly to move our world in the right direction. My first step will be to learn more about the changemakers behind two two specific efforts - gun control and racial equity - and how I might utilize my talents to benefit these movements. If you know folks in these or related fields who might be willing to share their perspectives via an informational interview, please consider connecting us with one another.


If anything you’ve read here resonates with you, reminds you of an article you’ve recently read, or makes you want to reconnect over coffee or Skype, then I’d love to hear from you. I rely on my community to help me amplify the small impact I can make on the world, and having you as part of my circle makes it all the more meaningful and enriching. Thank you for YOU!


Sending my warmest regards from chilly Denver -



Liz S. Peintner, MSW

Leadership Coach, Facilitator & Consultant

Meaning + Momentum, LLC

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